Hosting your podcast using amazon AWS S3

So many of you know that I am producing a podcast with my wife called Wander. It is a wonderful short story podcast and if you are not already listening to it, please start, it is great! to do this I started using AWS to host the files. I did not want to host the files on the same place as the website incase something broke, also I like that AWS lets me pay for what I use, which is not much, so it is very cheap for now. the problem I had was I had zero stats. it was not on my server so my regular analytics would not capture it, I needed a new way to get stats. I tried the blubrry stats, and they are OK, but I wanted to something that would give me a better clue as to how the files themselves were being used. that is where S3Stat came in. the stats are amazing, they give you a free month and have something they call the cheap bastard plan, which is where they ask you to write a blog post about them and then they give you the plan for free (can you guess why I am writing this).

I do have to say the stats have been great and have shown us that most people right now are finding the site directly through word of mouth, which is great, but it also lets me know that if we start doing some promotion and social sharing we can grow even bigger.

I will do a bigger post on how I have the setup and how you can do it too for next to no money. but for now, set up a AWS, get S3Stats, then come back next week.