At Stella Cadente ENT we are in the dream business. Our company initially started as a dream many moons ago. We were dating in college and loved all things creative. Casey was an aspiring writer/director and Colin was an idea man. We initially dreamed of a production company called Stella Cadente Pictures. Little did we know then we were just planting that dream seed in our minds.

Fast forward to three years ago and close to seven years from that original dream, we were at a house party, listening to music and discussing the idea of opening an artist management company. We decided that night we would and went home and immediately bought the domain StellaCadenteEntertainment.com – a nod to our little dream years before. Today Stella Cadente ENT is not only a management company but a one stop shop for the entertainment industry. Aside from artist management services, we offer a wide array of digital media services from custom web design to rebranding to social media management and so much more!

Our dream turned out differently than we originally thought and better than we ever imagined and it is still growing and changing every day. We aren’t just here to help your dreams be realized, we want to help you dream new dreams, bigger and better than you ever imagined! Join us in our dream campaign. Share your greatest dreams, the dreams you think are impossible, the ones you are afraid of, the ones you want so badly, dream with us! #DreamNewDreams #SCEllc